We welcome all donations through any of the options we offer for giving. However, e- giving can make giving easier for you and record-keeping easier for the church staff. In the past, electronic giving required filling out a form and waiting for it to be set up. Forms and waiting are now a thing of the past. The church now has two options that allow you to manage your e-giving yourself, 24 hours a day.

Option #1: from the church website: https://tlcvernon.org/give-plus. Easy setup and change anytime.

Option #2: there’s an app for that! GivePlus Church, our mobile giving app, allows you to manage your giving anytime, anywhere on your Apple or Android smartphone. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “GivePlus Church” to quickly find the app and download it for free.

Learn more at: http://giveplushelp.vancopayments.com

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