The Saturday Morning Trail Walkers are collecting donations for the LWR South Sudan Famine Fund.  Bring your spare change in and help fill the water jug in the Gathering Space.  Last day of collections is September 24th.

A message from Lutheran World Relief:

Right now in South Sudan, people are dying of hunger. More than 680,000 children under age 5 are estimated to be acutely malnourished.  A third of those are severely malnourished.  This situation is a result of years of instability in the country’s food supply caused by war and drought.  

Your gift to LWR will be used to set up and run life-saving medical centers that will treat young children at risk of death from starvation.  The children receive 24-hour care until they are disease-free and reach healthy weight.  

Thank you for compassion and generosity.  We plan to expand our response to this devastating humanitarian emergency in the coming year.

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