This is the last fundraiser to support the Youth going to Houston for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering. Who are the Youth going you ask? Alex Slotter, James Bonzani, Izzy Barrett, MayLei (May) Ambeau and Hayden Eckblom. They are a small but mighty group! Beginning on Sunday May 20, 2018 we are asking that you take “Take Stock in the TLC Youth!” The theme for 2018 is This Changes Everything and it’s estimated that each TLC participant will need approximately $1,200 to attend.

How does the Stock work?

Each attendee will be selling stock for $10 per share. Many people buy multiple shares and each shareholder will receive the following benefits:

  • A paper stock certificate
  • The stock holders name proudly displayed on the TLC Shareholder board in the Gathering Space
  • Daily updates from Houston from one of the attending Youth. E-mails will be written on a rotating basis.
  • Free ticket to a dinner in the Fall where we will do a slide show and talk about our favorite experience from the Gathering.
  • Each share that you purchase entitles you to be entered into a drawing at the dinner for valuable stuff that is acquired in Houston.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you give from the heart, but most important a chance to further our Youth’s experience with Jesus.
  • Our sincerest gratitude!!!

Please support our Youth and their leader (Sherrie Barrett) as they undergo this amazing journey with Jesus and 30,000 other Youth from all over the country!!!

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