Spring is in the air! Very soon, we will once again be enjoying beautiful flowers and budding trees!

What a great job the children did preparing sandwiches and bagging cookies and pretzels for Cathedral in the Night on February 9th.  The Sunday School children made approx 80 sandwiches that the families from Trinity brought with them, along with other food and desserts.  Thank you to those children who participated as well as to all the adults who helped out for this all school event.

Our Youth Service will be March 22nd at the 10:30 service.  Please join us and support our Sunday School and Confirmation youth as they greet you when you arrive, sing, play bells, share the readings, recite the prayers, and usher during communion and the offering.

Just a reminder that the Sunday School Calendar is posted by the Sunday School Bulletin Board, and can also be found online at Trinity’s website. Any child(ren) 3 years old through 5th grade, are welcome to join us at any time throughout the year.

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